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Working in College Setting

 Today I did like to bring to your attention the question, 

What do you enjoy studying?

While working in College Setting, I meet with students regarding their concern about choosing right major; the path that will lead to a fantastic high paying position in growth industry. There is a hope that one decision, your college major will leave a huge impact on the rest of your life. 

Alot of student often shy away from subject area they enjoy due to fear that such coursework will not lead to a job . Each time this happen I feel so disappointed in the approach.

As a counselor I always ask students or clients the question, what do you enjoy studying? 

The answer received generally,  makes it easy to choose a major or a family of majors.

Overtime I discover the incredible pressure to secure employment after graduation. This usually take place, when you are forced to learn a course you have no interest in, you just fulfill all formality, graduate and dump further research on the major course selected for perfection and future employment openings.

Based on my experience, coaching and mentoring learners, I do believe that choosing a major because it is listed as a growth area alone is not a very good idea. You are expected to use your time in college to explore all areas of interest and utilize your campus resources to help you make connections between your joy in a subject matter and the potential career paths. if you notice most people in most careers, the undergraduate majors, does not lead to a linea career path.

Over the years as an area I had interest in but I added minors in administration and business studies as my educational pursuit broadened .

Today as a counselor I look back on my coursework with happy memories of exploring new ideas.

At this stage, once you have determined what your enjoy studying, the real work begins. As a student you need to seek out academic advisement. Academic advisement means many different things ; it can include:

 - Course selection.

- Course completion for graduation.

- Mapping Coursework to graduation, developing opportunities within your major and mentorship.

When the above stage is considered properly, students can proceed with the selection stage. As a counselor, my major aim is to see you succeed and are happy to be a part of your journey. 

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