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Foods Rich In Irodine

.                     Get one copy and write How to determine when your body is irodine deficient                                Chinwendu Iodine deficiency can lead to various health issues, and recognizing the signs of iodine deficiency can be important for addressing the problem. Common signs and symptoms of iodine deficiency may include: Goiter : An enlarged thyroid gland (goiter) in the neck is one of the most recognizable signs of iodine deficiency. Fatigue : Feeling unusually tired or lethargic. Weight Gain : Unexplained weight gain or difficulty in managing weight. Dry Skin and Hair : Dry, flaky skin and brittle hair. Feeling Cold : Feeling unusually sensitive to cold temperatures. Weakness and Muscle Pain : Muscle weakness and aches. Swelling and Fluid Retention : Swelling in the legs, feet, or face due to fluid retention (edema). Difficulty Concentrating: Cognitive issues like difficulty concentrating and poor memory. Moo