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Steps Every Business Must Take For Growth

There are many ways a small business can grow and earn.
The first step is understanding what vision is and planing towards growth.

A Vision is a statement of where your company will be in the future ,it will guide you over 3 to 5years. Without your clear vision your business is like a ship without a rider, and it is in danger of drifting endlessly.

Your vision provides direction to everything you do in your business, it can drive the whole organization to a common goal.
It can be a source of motivation so that you and your staff have a constant reminder of what you are trying to achieve, when the going gets tough.

How to develop a vision statement

Developing a vision statement involves:
- creativity
- ambition
- excitement
The task should be approached seriously.

Questions you must ask yourself when getting started with vision development.

1)  what do you do?

Every business owner must first ask himself the question What kind of business am i into and then make a clear statement a clear statement about what your business does, which is clearly known as your business mission.

2) Why do you do it?
This question help every business owner understand what problem his business is out to solve. Every business is out to generate profit, which is the main reason why you started in the first place, without you earning from what you do, you tend to get fustrated in try to invest more on what tends to solve problem for people.

3)  How do you want to accomplish it?

Every business must have a vision statement written down. Your business must go beyond profit margins and internal benefit and look towards the long term.
Identify guiding principle by which you want to operate, this are core values that you believe to be true. Core values help you determine what is right and what is wrong.

4)  where do you want to go?
     There is need to state down where you hope your business vision will take you to.
Is your business exactly what you want it to be?

5) What exactly is it that your business dont have, think in future terms, in 3-5years from now, and think big, dont worry about how practically your answer is. What initially looks impossible can be achieved down the road with the right team and technologies.

When you have successfully answered the above questions, extensively, you tend to have shaped your vision.

The below simple steps further help in creating growth in your business:

1)   Have a clear vision
ask yourself, where do i see my business going, convert your business to more specific goals and objectives.
Specify what your business hope to accomplish, in other to reach it's objective.

Establish your business positioning in a customers mind. Your customers must be able to think about your business, the satisfaction they derive from your operational services.

2)   Develop a specific plan for the expansion of your business, including forecasting, sales, planing for operation and estimating cost and then check the financial health of your business. Is your business capable of implementing the plan if you decide to go for the implementing plan, how best to finance it.

The most important thing to note when crafting a good vision statement is:

- be concise and give purpose to your business.
-  provide the foundation for your business
-  see things in the future (3-5 years)
-  Dream Big
-  Do it with passion and emotion
- visualize your success
- use clear concise language.

These steps create a good growth plan for any business.


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