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How To Develop Leader's

The first thing that should come to your mind as you develop leaders is first, education.

Education is the process of acquiring knowledge that will mould your destiny from what you use to be to what you tend to become for your benefit and that of the society.

Without education career objective cannot be achieved and without knowledge gained there will be no leader, because leader's are always readers.

Looking  at how leadership development can take place, one need to be equipped with the skills needed through education.
It is a common thing that if you ask an average entrepreneur if he is a leader, he will tell you YES. Our owning business does not make us leaders. There is difference between being a chief executive officer ( CEO) and a leader.

What then is leadership?

Leadership in this perspective is an act not a position.

If you are a leader what vision do you have for an organization?
How do others share that #vision with you?

The extent of leadership in the owner-manager situation is that he have a vision or he may have non. But if he has any how is it shared?
If it is not shared you cannot be a leader.

Tips of becoming a leader are:

1. Share your goals: in other for your business to continue, as a leader it is a great idea to share your goal with your team members, so as for them to work towards achieving that goal with you.

2. Have your vision shared with your staff or team members. This will give them reason to dream big of becoming future successor in the organization.

3. Motivate and coach your staff to perform effectively;
This can be done effectively by setting targets for them. You should give them assignment that will stretch their capabilities. These assignment are meant to test their abilities.
Set up branches for them, and let them manage it and see how they do things.

4.  plan for succession.

You may encounter people who will remind you that it is not natural or cultural to plan for your succession, but the truth of the matter is that a leader must plan for his succession during his lifetime.


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