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The important public examinations you need to know



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A lot of  our youths are still unaware of the major public examinations covered by examining bodies. They still ask questions like:

Which exam is important? 
Who should seat for this examinions? 
Which examining body is incharge?

We shall look into details the important public examinations you need to know.

The major public examining body in West Africa is the west African  Examinations Council  (WAEC).

There are other examining countries in member countries. 
In Nigeria for instance, such bodies include the international centre  for examinational Evaluation  (ICEE) established at the university  of I bad an in 1972, the joint Admission and matriculation Board (JAMB) newly set up for University admission,  and many professional organizations 

  • Medicine
  • Accountancy 
  • Surveying 
Which conduct certain national qualifying examinations, educators should be familiar particularly with the WAEC, the most important international body that conducts most of the aptitude and achievement examinations all over West Africa.

The ordinance establishing the WAEC was enacted in Ghana 1951 and in Nigeria,  Sierra Leone,  and Gambia  in 1952 after a series of inter governmental meetings, discussions and recommendations. 
WAEC was charged with the  responsibility to determine and conduct the examinations required in the public interest in West Africa and to award certificates  equivalent  in standard to those of examining authorities in the united kingdom. 

The first examination conducted by the council was recorded in 1952, known  as the Public Service Executive Competitive Examination. 
Since then, important National and international examinations  particularly the secondary school achievement examination called, The west African School  Certificate  Examination (WASCE), have been documented.

Now we are going  to consider the important public examinations below :

The four important public examinations in our nation's primary and secondary education levels include:

  1. Primary school leaving certificate Examination. 
  2. Common Entrance Examination to secondary Schools. 
  3. School Certificate Examination and the General Certificate of Education  (G.C.E) Ordinary Level. The more difficult versions of these examinations called the Higher school certificate and the G.C.E Advanced Level are not treated here.
  4. Joint Matriculation Examination.

The joint matriculation Examination is conducted by the JAMB) (joint Admission and matriculation Board) about April every year. It is a national examination for entry into the first year of a 4-year degree programme in all Nigerian universities of Ibadan, Ilorin and Lagos offer one year preliminary courses for science and science-based professions and are therefore not available  to JAMB) candidates who are offering Arts subjects.

Admission into the examination is by the qualification spelt out below see JAMB(1978) brochure Guidelines for Admission to First Degree Courses in Nigeria Universities.

Candidates awaiting results are also eligible.  The standard of the examination is more or less equivalent to that of the GCE 'O' Level or the school certificate. 

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For further guidance on the above listed public examinations Connect Here

School Certificate  in Nigeria  for instance are required to enter for at least SIX subjects and most NINE subjects from Four groups. English langauge is compulsory for all but Oral English is Optional and not regarded as a subject for counting purposes.

The result in each subject is graded on a 9-point scale. For further explanation on  Graded point interpretation Reachout here.

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