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10 key traits of a successfull entrepreneur

Starting and growing your own business requires many skills to be successful. It is of great importance to have some traits in onespersonality that blend with the beeds of the business.

Certain questions have been asked over repeatedly and we may not answer them now, but do so in subsequent pages.

Such question include
What exactly does it take to be an entrepreneur?

How do i become an entrepreneur?
What skills do i need to become an entrepreneur?

We would be made to answer most of this questions if we consider some topics

Now the 10 key traits of a successfull entrepreneur are:

1.   Global Thinking:

       More and more business today are.                 Going international. Operating in a.               global environment. This means that.            entrepreneurs must understand the.              trends, econimic and legal issues that .          have an impact on international.                    markets and products, as well as local.          customs.

If you dont anticipate expanding your business across continents; understanding how companies similar to yours operate in other parts of the world can provide valuable information, that may be put to use in your own business.

2.   Customer focused:-

       Without customers, you cant build a.              business. The successful entrepreneur spends time understanding the interests and buying trends to pitential customers and views the company's products or services through the consumer's eyes.

3.   Goal Driven:-

       Staying focused on a clear goal and keeping employees focused on that goal is often one of the most difficult tasks of the entrepreneur. In fact, one of the most important lessons business owners learn early on is that, their company can't be all things to all people. The more focused the company is producing what it makes best, the more likely it will succeed.

4.   Team-Oriented:-

       Most successful entrepreneurs recognize that they cant build or run their business alone. Delegating responsibilities to teams of employees or even outside consultants will not only allow the company to focus on it's core competencies, but also will improve the efficiency of it's operations and provide avenues for creative ideas to filter their way up to management.

5.   Skills Oriented:-

       Each member of your team must have demostrable skills that can contribute to the company's overall performance. The entrepreneur makes sure that his team possess a diverse skill base, one that complements his or her own skill and can create synergies in a team environment. And the entrepreneur is committed to employees maintaining their skills by prividing ongoing educational opportunities.

6.    Techno-Knowledgeable:-

        Virtually every aspect of a business from manufactiring to financial management to marketing, requires technological proficiency. The entrepreneur must possess some knowledge about technology and take the initiative to hire individuals who can implement technology plans and programs.

Environment means that entrepreneurs must understand the trends and economic and legal issues that have an impact on international markets and products, as well as local customs. But even if you dont anticipate expanding your business across continents; understanding how companies similar to yours operate in other parts of the world can provide valuable information that may be put to use in your own business.

7.   Flexible Minded:-

       The successful entrepreneur is sensitive to the changing marketplace, competitor strategies, and customer preferences and adapts products or services accordingly.

8.   Bottomline Oriented:-

      Making money and profits requires managing money successful. Being financially astute, carefully managing vendors and suppliers and hiring the right team of financial advisor can all help a business prosper.

9.   Socially Responsible:-

       Being socially responsible can contribute to a company's success. In today's business and social climate, entrepreneurs that are looking to provide a social benefit by making a commitment to serve the economically disadvantaged, protecting the environment or adopting some other social cause, are more likely to be favourably perceived by end-users of their products and services.

10.   Future- Oriented:-

        Successful entrepreneurs dont get overwhelmed or consumed by day-to-day problems. They have a vision for the future of their company and make an effort to understand the trends and forces that will impact their ability to achieve that vision.

Considering the above traits, entrepreneurs also possess the below abilities:

List of entrepreneurs special abilities

1.  Drive to  achieve and grow.

2.  High energy, health and emotional.                 stability.

3.   Orientation to goals and opportunities.

4.    Total comnitment, determination and           perseverance.

5.   Taking initiative and personal                           respinsibility.

6.   Vision and capacity to inspire.

7.    Integrity and reliability.

8.      Internal locus of control.

9.     Team builder and hero maker

10.    Decisiveness, urgency and patience.


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