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Major career areas in adult and non-formal education that can guarantee self employment

Today many Adult learners ask, does adult education mean literacy alone? 

The answer is adult education does not mean 
literacy alone. It is more than literacy or remedial education to ‘fill gaps’. 

It is something that people need and want as long as they live,regardless of the amount of their previous education. 
It must therefore be an integral part of any modern 
country’s educational system.

An adult is a person who has assumed (whether by his choice or not) 
some kind of responsibility for self and perhaps, for others and some degree of independence of parental authority and characteristic to the same degree of adolescents, According to (New England Board of 
Higher Education, 1965).
This same adult must be:

  •  Physiologically independent
  • Economically independent
  • Socially responsible 
  • A spouse, a parent or an active 
  • citizen.
  •  Aged above 18years 

Education is the transmission of what is worthwhile to 
those committed to it. 
It involves knowledge, understanding, skills and vocational training which will help the 
Individual and facilitate his contribution to his/her society economically, culturally, 
socially and politically.


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Therefore Adult education is the kind of venture that is expected to be undertaken by those who need to catch up on their formal education or who need to use their leisure purposefully or who need to upgrade their skills and knowledge in the face of changing technology.

Adult Education is a veritable key to employment and of creation as it 
equips the individual with knowledge, skills and attitudes. In the career world today we need both adult education and vocational training for job creation.

If we consider Nigerian  education the western education 
Produced a generation of Nigerians with education but not marketable skills for employment. 

The impact of Adult education on job 
creation is thus looked in the following ways

Educated adults can create jobs for themselves
  • Adults who are educated can do better on their jobs
  • Educated adults can fit into new
  • Jobs better than illiterates 
  • Adults who are educated can relate better with other people.
  •  Educated adults can communicate better.
  • Educated adults can keep better financial accounts and records than illiterates. 
Considering all explanations above let's look at lists of career path in Education. 

Career Path In Education.


Teaching is certainly the most commonly known career path for students earning a degree in education, and it’s a great option if you like working with children or adults in a classroom setting. 

What Do Teachers Do?

In addition to teaching students specific subject matter in the classroom, teachers strive to help students develop the lifelong learning tools they’ll need to succeed in the future. Math lessons can help students work on problem-solving skills, group projects can help students work on their communication skills, and history lessons can help students appreciate cultures other than their own.

But back to the classroom, here are some things a teacher typically does during the day:

  • Prepare lessons that will engage and challenge students
  • Create assignments that will connect lessons to a bigger concept
  • Vary teaching style to keep students’ attention and meet their needs
  • Participate in after-school clubs or tutoring
  • Meet with parents to discuss a student’s progress
  • Become involved in professional organizations
  • Grade student assignments and offer feedback that will enhance their understanding of the subject matter

The Major responsibility of teachers are;

Teachers create lesson plans and tests in order to educate students on specific subjects depending on the age and skill of the students. Analyzing and reporting progress back to parents is also a responsibility teacher must complete, as well as creating and reinforcing rules for their classroom. 

You can choose to specialize in Special education  , early childhood education, or secondary education. You might also consider a dual degree in a subject such as history, science or math, and secondary education. If you want to become a teacher but don’t want to teach in a traditional classroom, you have options. You could teach online, in a residential facility, or as part of literacy or other education-related non-profit programs. If you’re looking to teach at the college and university level, you generally will need to earn at least a master’s degree. 

Regardless of the teaching path you choose, you are sure to make a real and lasting difference in the lives of others! 

Education Administration 

Some teachers who are looking for an opportunity for growth within their school community can pursue an advanced degree to become an educational administrator. A Mastker’s Degree in Education Administration, for example, can prepare you to help fellow teachers align their lesson plans with district, state and federal materials and requirements, as well as design standalone programs, such as a school safety program.

The reposibility of the educational administrator :
An education administrator is responsible for all administrative duties at a school, including budgets, schedules, disciplinary actions, and event planning. Having keen attention to detail, excellent organization skills and a passion for connecting with students, as well as teachers, are important skills for an education administrator to have.

School Counseling

School counselors help students socially, academically and emotionally, as well as guide them along their path to college or into the workforce.

A school counselor can work either in an office or a classroom setting and can assist with various grades, usually K-12.

A school social worker is an important part of the education system in that they help behavior issues within students and ultimately aid in their educational success. And, according to government data, there is a growing need for social workers. 
Social workers work with teachers and school administrators to identify behavior issues in students that might lead to aggressive behavior, bullying or absences. They then work with the students and their families to address the root of the problem and develop strategies to improve students’ academic performance and social development.

Social workers work with teachers and school administrators to identify behavior issues in students that might lead to aggressive behavior, bullying or absences. They then work with the students and their families to address the root of the problem and develop strategies to improve students’ academic performance and social development.

School Social Work Job Options

A school social worker usually works in an office setting within a school and works with numerous ages of students.


Teaching English as a Second Language

Adult learners earn a certification in Teaching English as a Second Language after they become a certified teacher. Having this certification is generally required to teach English to non-native speakers in public schools.

Teaching English as a Second Language Responsibilities

The primary responsibility for teaching English as a second language is what the name implies; teaching English as a second language to students who do not speak English fluently. In addition to teaching the language, EL teachers help students better understand the culture of their new environment.

Teaching English as a Second Language Job Options

English as a second language teachers have the options to work in a traditional school setting, during evening hours to accommodate older students and an online option to connect with students in different locations.



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