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purpose Of School Administration

It is important to understand the purpose of school administration is to enable the members of staff of the school and the pupils to work together with the school head teacher or team in order to achieve the stated or desired objectives of the school.

In other for us to understand better, school administration is a way of working with people to achieve the goal of the school.

The objective of any school are in the realm of teaching and learning.
If teaching and learning are carefully managed in the school system, it will lead to the production of well educated citizens who will serve the effectively in all the sectors of the economy.
In other for any school to be managed effectively, we shall look at what the the school administrator does.

The Duties Of The School Administrator
To manage a school properly as the head teacher or headmaster, you are in charge of the following:

For further understanding, let's discuss this elements in details;

PLANNING:  This is the process of taking decision for action in future with the aim of achieving the objectives of the school by optimal means. It is that function through which the school head master translates national education policies into school based teaching and learning objectives and targets.  in the process the process the school head master plans for the both the long-term acquisition of relevant teaching and learning resources.

ORGANIZING:   This function involves setting up the structures and taking decision on the actual activities that will help achieve the objectives of the school. In the school, this is done by way of supply of staff and adequate facilities for teaching and learning.
The school head has to prepare up-to-date job description for all employed staff and he has to assign roles, responsibilities and duties to staff and pupils.

DIRECTING:    This entails making the school personnel to work.  However, this concept may be seen to imply coercion but it must be realized that administration is task-and-person oriented. As such, teachers must be made to do their work. The school headmaster only needs to treat them as human beings with feelings and self respect.

CO-ORDINATING:   This is uniting and correlating all school activities. coordinating involves bringing into appropriate relationship the people and things necessary for the school to achieve its purposes. It is simply making sure that two workers are not working against each other.

REPORTING:   The school administrator is a quality controller. He has to make sure that rules or the standard set by the school are carefully adhered to. He has to make sure that every thing is done in accordance with the rules which have been laid down and the instructions which have been given.  
 It is important for any school head to work daily with the above explained duties in other to achieve the stated objective of a school.


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