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Conditions for operating home school in Nigeria

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 Home schooling is operational in Nigeria without conditions attached.

The introduction of compulsory school attendance law, child education most especially in some countries was impacted by family or community. People were of the belief that it takes the whole community to raise a child and not by going to school. 

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What then is home schooling?

Home schooling is also known as home education. This is the education of children inside the home, done by a tutor or parent(s) instead of a formal conventional public or private school.

Home schooling is also known as home education. This is the education of children inside the home, done by a tutor or parent(s) instead of a formal conventional public or private school.

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Home schooling is common in many foreign countries, countries like :

The United Kingdom, 

United States, 




New Zealand,

 Mexico etc. 

However, it is outlawed in most European countries and in countries like Sweden, Germany. 

Other countries like Nigeria do not really state it in its constitution if this practice is illegal or not as the practice is not clearly stated. Home schooling is more rampant these days.

No doubt that this has been associated with the bad economic situation in the country as well as the rules attached to staying at home as a result of the pandemic Covid-19 cases.

With this, It seems parents are going back to the home schooling era due to the economic situation in the country. School parents are beginning to lament as a result of the exorbitant school fee payment, obtainance of sanitizers, nose mask and other safety measures that must be adhered to, in other to prevent spread of the virus, home schooling now seems like an escape route.

Home schooling is also an option for families that live in isolated areas. People who move to sites where there are no schools or very far away usually choose to home school.

Some are of the opinion that home schooling is usually motivated by factors such as: school environment, quality of academic instruction, curriculum, economic constraints, lack of faith in schools etc.

Many parent believe that when home schooling is involved they determine the when, how and what. They also determine the learning speed based on the child’s capability. Some children function better in the afternoon rather than in the morning, homeschooling gives room for them to learn faster than in the conventional morning school. Learning speed and assimilations are known by the parent. There are no school rooms, no home work (too much homework). The tutor or parent determines when the pupil goes on vacation. Home schooling also fosters closer family relationship. The parent also inculcates the right moral or religious value they want in their children.

Mr. Philip is a teacher who started tutoring his child when she was just three months old starting with bible stories and audio visuals. Afterwards, they progressed to how to read and write. He swears she competes with her other mates who attend formal schools.

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certified KN95 face masks He confessed that home schooling has not been an easy task but that it is definitely worth it. He claims that home schooling gives the opportunity to inculcate the right values as opposed to formal education which peer pressure and other vices may affect the child.

Nigeria as country have no conditions attached to home schooling, as they believe that the first mentor a child has is his or her parent.


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