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Working in College Setting

  Today I did like to bring to your attention the question,  What do you enjoy studying? While working in College Setting, I meet with students regarding their concern about choosing right major; the path that will lead to a fantastic high paying position in growth industry. There is a hope that one decision, your college major will leave a huge impact on the rest of your life.  Alot of student often shy away from subject area they enjoy due to fear that such coursework will not lead to a job . Each time this happen I feel so disappointed in the approach. As a counselor I always ask students or clients the question, what do you enjoy studying?  The answer received generally,  makes it easy to choose a major or a family of majors. Overtime I discover the incredible pressure to secure employment after graduation. This usually take place, when you are forced to learn a course you have no interest in, you just fulfill all formality, graduate and dump further research on the major course se