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Reasons why learners can't recall lessons taught

It have become a thing of concern in the classroom, that most learners find it heard to remember.
Teachers/coaches impact knowledge into learners and coaches train on skills. Most times, these learners can't remember what they have been taught. In other for learning to take place at any given time there must be understanding. There is need to use the best teaching method that promotes learning.

We shall look at teaching methods in another lesson.

For now we shall look at some of the reasons why learners can't remember their lessons.

1.  Lack of course materials : if learners visit libraries not knowing the right area of course subject topic to concentrate on, they may end up concentrating on topics that are not related to their current semester scheme. This tend to affect their ability to remember what they have been taught, because their initial interest to learn and energy have been spent reading course topics not related to their current scheme.
When the right course materials and topic is made available to them on time, they practice to get themselves approved to face any start up assessment.

2.  Poor motivation tend to affect learners  chances of recalling some lessons.
In the classroom, when coaches/ Teachers impact knowledge or skills, they don't adequately motivate learners. Lessons are taught in a poor background with poor teaching aids.

3.  Inability Of Teacher/Coach to present quality training. 
It is clear that so many learners don't  pick interest in remembering what they have been taught, because instructors sometimes fail to present the subject matter in a more meaningful way, which would enable learners master the subject taught.

4.  Negative reward: 
The Classroom is expected to be highly interactive. When learners are rewarded negatively for the effort they put to respond to questions, the interest in the subject matter drops and so they wait for lessons to be over and they go back without revisiting the topic, since they prefer rewards to punishment.

5. Lack of  Reviewing learning Materials :
After class room  study.  Students don't go back to their notes, to review the topics they have learned and master them.  This tend to affect their ability to remember because they only wait for assessment test before reviewing subject topics.

The above points tend to affect learners ability to remember their course lessons.
To conquer the above points that affect remembering course lessons in the classroom, let us look at the below techniques. How course Lessons can be Remembered in the classroom.

1.  Teachers/coaches should provide course topics that learners will learn over a given period either in a term or semester.

2.  Subject materials and text should also be available.  Leading question should be formulated to focus attention on important facts.

3.  Coaches /teachers should adequately motivate the learners intrinsically and extrinsically to develop interest in the learning activities.

4.  Coaches/Teachers should make every endeavors to present the subject matter more meaningful via adequate mastering of subject and preparation.

5.  Learners should recite the learning Materials over and over again to one self or to friend.  This will enhance the retention of the topic or subject.

6.  It is better to have an interval between  the reading period,  than to read materials  again and again without pause.

7.  Part learning gives more immediate satisfaction and encouragement.

8.  Practice and repetition aid learning of any material.

9.  Learners learn quickly when the right response is re-inforced with positive rewards,  than when the wrong response is followed by punishment.

We have looked at reasons  for not remembering course topics,  as well  as consider how some techniques could aid remembering learning topics taught  in the classroom .

We shall look at other  teaching  methods that aid learning next.
Chinwendu .B.M


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