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How to be a better version of Yourself

The truth is,
most people like to make their lives difficult.

Ask How?

By always comparing themselves to others.

They spend their energy torturing themselves on how slow they do things compared to somebody else.

And, how can we blame them?

After all, we live in a corporate era that glorifies high achievers and doesn't tolerate failure.

We've been educated this way since we were kids.

We wanted to be the ones who finish that Math test first.
We wanted to be the most important player on the soccer team.
And every time someone was getting better than us...
We got worried.

Nowadays, we secretly envy that co-worker of ours who always delivers his projects early.
Or that manager who's able to master new skills more quickly than we do.
We could believe that this inner competition with others would make us better.
That it will help us achieve our goals and get further in life.

In reality's a recipe for disaster.
People who do that set themselves for unhappiness. It's like they were always chasing something.
Always feeling like a failure, because they can never meet the high standards they set for themselves. Never enjoying life and if they actually get to outperform that person they were jealous of...they just go find somebody else, because they're fighting a battle they just can't win.

I know this because one of my student came for help, she told me she was
always stressed.

Always jealous.

And had these nearly impossible standards she couldn't measure against, that ittook all happiness away from her.

Then I told her the only way she could help herself is realizing one simple truth.

Life is not about competing with others.

It's about being a better version of yourself, every day.

Now, don't get me wrong here, you should have people to look up to.
You should have goals in life. Stop torturing yourself on how someone is better than you in other areas, because that's when problems start happening. We all have different abilities and can learn things differently.

We are all at different stages of our journey.

So, whilst it's normal to feel insecure and afraid when somebody outpaces you...

You shouldn't try competing with them.

In reality, the only competition you should be having is with yourself.

Being grateful for how you are, and trying to be a better version of yourself every day.
when you do that, you start seeing things differently. You then stop directing your energy and focus into watching everyone else's moves.

Instead, you start enjoying life.
Being grateful for all the things you have in your life right now.
Do things that get you closer to your goals, that's  when you really start making progress.

And if you feel you are stuck and can't make any progress learning new skills...

I have something that might help you.

It's called "Learn Faster with the Stages of Learning".

You'll learn about the stages of learning. 
That way you'll know what to do to improve. 


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