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Why blogging is Important

82% of marketers who blog consistently see positive ROI from inbound efforts. (Source: State of Inbound)
Blogging is ideal for marketing initially because it offers a way for consumers and businesses to interact. If you haven’t set up your own blog yet or found a place to host the content you’re going to create, now is the time. StoryChief offers you a free blog when you start your account! Or if you've already made that first step, and you have your blog on WordPress, Hubspot or Medium, no worries as we integrate with most of the CMS out there. 🚀
Now when you have the technical stuff set up, let's check out the benefits of blogging for your business.
Blogging is central to many content marketing strategies for these key reasons.

1. You gain trust

60% of consumers feel engaged/positive with a brand or company after reading custom content on their blog (Source: ContentPlus)
Blogging gives you trust and authority. Readers turn to customers because they trust advice and information from blogs. Whether it is to solve a specific problem, figure out how to do something, or to stay informed about a certain topic, people find blog content credible.

know like trust flow

2. You improve your SEO

Blogging is responsible for 434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links (Source: DemandMetric)
Blogging is an indirect way to drive traffic to your website. You have a 500% higher chance of being ranked highly on search engines if you blog. Great content attracts editorial links, which tell Google you're important and authoritative. Google can also crawl your content, getting a far better idea of what your company is about, allowing it to return your site for more relevant search.

It's all about SEO!

3. More leads

B2B marketers that use blogs receive 67% more leads than those that do not. (Hubspot)

Different types of content will generate different numbers of leads for you. Creating high-quality, engaging content will build brand awareness, drive more traffic to your website and increase sales.
Position your company as a thought leader, someone who is an expert in the field and people will turn to you for your expertise, meaning they will trust your recommendations. Once you get their attention, you can challenge their current workflow or pain points by guiding them to your solution and presenting the values they want to achieve.

4. Build links

Every time an authoritative website links to a blog post (or any page) your entire website reaps the SEO benefits. Many businesses now use blogs to attract links easily with high-quality, engaging blog content. Using a branded link shortener can help with this as custom short links are SEO-friendly.

build links

StoryChief example

For us at StoryChief blogging is number 1 lead generation format. We launch approximately 60 blogs per year, results in 10 - 100 qualified leads for each blog.
Using our own tool, we widely distribute our blog content across social, digital publishing, email, and employee advocacy channels.

SC blog

5. Blogs can be interactive, engaging, and multimedia

Another reason why blogging is so important is that a blog can house so many other forms of content.
Embed images, infographics, videos, podcasts, slideshows, Instagram feeds, Tweets and more to make it easier to consume. Remember, people are scanning online and only read if they are intrigued.

Tip 3 🧐: Take a look at this story to learn more how on to make your article engaging and interactive!

Content is the king, but distribution is queen and she wears the pants

In the digital world we live in, multi channel publishing has changed. For most businesses, the challenge isn't spreading the same message into both digital and physical platforms. Today the challenge is "being everywhere at once," or keeping up with your social media presence across all platforms, your Medium blog, your company blog, etc.

multichannel publishing

Blogs have a huge impact, but to get the most out of it takes a lot of planning, collaboration, and consistency. These elements are essential to maintaining a high level of content. The distribution part of the process can be easily automated and thus, take less of your time.
Tip 4 🧐: You want to think more in terms ofcentralizing your content creation and publishing(pssst, this is where StoryChief comes in handy!)Why blogging is important


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