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Business Studies 2nd Term Exam question 2022/2023 Session

Save 10% Use promo code SAVE-CJ10 when shopping for your online practice exam in over 20 industries, including healthcare, teaching, and international exams. Save 10% Use promo code SAVE-CJ10 when shopping for your online practice exam in over 20 industries, including healthcare, teaching, and international exams. JSS 1  2nd Term Business Studies  Exam.                                 2022/2023 session              Answer all Objective  questions.                                                                            –                                       SECTION A 1.    ________factor receives the reward of interest. A. Land B. Labour    C. Capital     D. Enterpreneur. 2.   Factors of production are also called ________ of productionA. agents B. owners C. givers D. friends 3.   The factors that are provided by God and by man are rewarded with _____ and ______ according by A. wages and profit B. rent and wages C. rent and interest D. Profit and salaries 4.

The Future of Teachings

  The Future of Teaching As long as there are human beings, there will be a need for teachers. Teachers instruct the next generation at all levels, from basic education on up to specialized instruction for specific careers (like engineering, computer software, the creative arts, and more). That's why  being a teacher is still respected //  and always will be. What does the future of teaching look like? Many experts have weighed in on education's future, with the  Harvard Graduate School of Education  predicting an uptick in resource allocation, an emphasis on the human connection between students and teachers, and a more globalized approach using digital technology. Teaching Practice Exams From  Michigan  to Maine and Washington state to Florida, prospective teachers must pass certification exams in order to be qualified for the job. The best method o

Working in College Setting

  Today I did like to bring to your attention the question,  What do you enjoy studying? While working in College Setting, I meet with students regarding their concern about choosing right major; the path that will lead to a fantastic high paying position in growth industry. There is a hope that one decision, your college major will leave a huge impact on the rest of your life.  Alot of student often shy away from subject area they enjoy due to fear that such coursework will not lead to a job . Each time this happen I feel so disappointed in the approach. As a counselor I always ask students or clients the question, what do you enjoy studying?  The answer received generally,  makes it easy to choose a major or a family of majors. Overtime I discover the incredible pressure to secure employment after graduation. This usually take place, when you are forced to learn a course you have no interest in, you just fulfill all formality, graduate and dump further research on the major course se

What is administrator communication skills in education management?

EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION IN EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATION  In  today’s world, sometimes, called the “comm unication era”,educational organizations are set up to integrate people into the new “communicative” world.  Effective communication in a school setting allows change and the proper shaping of the world, as well as providing a great advantage for the school in reaching its objectives.  Maintaining an effective communication process in education depends on the managers responsible for the educational settings, teachers, who play the most fundamental role in the shaping of education, students, who have the potential to shape the world, and families,which are important in shaping children as social beings. Communication is an indispensable fact of human life. Firstly, a human being communicates with his/her mother even while in the womb, via the placenta. In the 10th week, he/she communicates with people via his/her sense organs.  Over time, the effect and style of communication inc

Don't guess who she is (Introduction one.)

                                Book a meeting My name is Blessing. I am just a woman who want to serve others in need I guide others to find their happiness in life, purpose and clarity. I am that exceptional lady the Almighty God created, the one whom he breathed the same life into just like you out there. I understand the rule of submission. If you push me away, I promise you won't find me where you left me. I love to help people with the very best I have available. I give both to God and man. I always strive to do Gods business, his will and not church business. I get up everyday with purpose and responsibility to serve others, because I was saved by the Almighty God. Life have given me the opportunity to experience and learn good and bad thing's as a teenager and adult. My creator took down everything that could make me exalt myself above his name, such as my lifestyle as a superstar model, winner of a beauty pageant, best employee in the financial institution and to

The important public examinations you need to know

  Facts Save 10% writing exams A lot of  our youths are still unaware of the major public examinations covered by examining bodies. They still ask questions like: Which exam is important?  Who should seat for this examinions?  Which examining body is incharge? We shall look into details the important public examinations you need to know. The major public examining body in West Africa is the west African  Examinations Council  (WAEC). There are other examining countries in member countries.  In Nigeria for instance, such bodies include the international centre  for examinational Evaluation  (ICEE) established at the university  of I bad an in 1972, the joint Admission and matriculation Board (JAMB) newly set up for University admission,  and many professional organizations  Examples: Medicine Accountancy  Surveying  Which conduct certain national qualifying examinations, educators should be familiar particularly with the WAEC, the most important international bo

How to help your adult daughter go to school

Get a coach   It's hard to watch your children suffer, no matter how old they are. If your daughter is now an adult, and is suffering because of an addiction, it's hard to know what you should do. On the one hand, you want to take care of your daughter and solve all her problems. On the other hand, her presence in your home is destructive to her and to the rest of the rest of your family.  Getting your addicted daughter out of your house can lead her to the help she really needs and provide peace for the whole family. The below points could help if  your adult seems upset or worried about going to school your adult refuses to go to school your adult has had problems with school refusal in the pass School refusal is different to ‘wagging’ or ‘jigging’ because it stems from a teen’s anxiety about school. They might be worried about their school work, interacting with other kids, dealing with teachers, playing sports or being away fro

How to be a better version of Yourself

The truth is, mos t people like to make their lives difficult. Ask How? By always comparing themselves to others. They spend their energy torturing themselves on how slow they do things compared to somebody else. And, how can we blame them? After all, we live in a corporate era that glorifies high achievers and doesn't tolerate failure. We've been educated this way since we were kids. We wanted to be the ones who finish that Math test first. We wanted to be the most important player on the soccer team. And every time someone was getting better than us... We got worried. Nowadays, we secretly envy that co-worker of ours who always delivers his projects early. Or that manager who's able to master new skills more quickly than we do. We could believe that this inner competition with others would make us better. That it will help us achieve our goals and get further in life. In reality though...i t's a recipe for disaster. People who do that set themselves for unhappin

Major career areas in adult and non-formal education that can guarantee self employment

Today many Adult learners ask, does adult education mean literacy alone?  The answer is adult education does not mean  literacy alone. It is more than literacy or remedial education to ‘fill gaps’.  It is something that people need and want as long as they live,regardless of the amount of their previous education.  It must therefore be an integral part of any modern  country’s educational system. Who is an adult? An adult is a person who has assumed (whether by his choice or not)  some kind of responsibility for self and perhaps, for others and some degree of independence of parental authority and characteristic to the same degree of adolescents, According to (New England Board of  Higher Education, 1965). This same adult must be:  Physiologically independent Economically independent Socially responsible  A spouse, a parent or an active  citizen.  Aged above 18years  What is Education? Education  is the transmission of what is worthwhile to  those committed to it.